Identification of parameters of cohesive elements for modeling of adhesively bonded joints of epoxy composites

Radek Kottner, Richard Hynek, Tomáš Kroupa


Adhesively bonded joints can be numerically simulated using the cohesive crack model. The critical strain energy release rate and the critical opening displacement are the parameters which must be known when cohesive elements in MSC.Marc software are used. In this work, the parameters of two industrial adhesives Hunstman Araldite 2021 and Gurit Spabond 345 for bonding of epoxy composites are identified. Double Cantilever Beam (DCB) and End Notched Flexure (ENF) test data were used for the identification. The critical opening displacements were identified using an optimization algorithm where the tests and their numerical simulations were compared.


adhesively bonded composite; DCB and ENF tests; cohesive elements; identification; Araldite 2021; Spabond 345; finite element model

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