Thermal analysis of both ventilated and full disc brake rotors with frictional heat generation

Ali Belhocine, Chong Du Cho, Mahdy Nouby, Yun Bo Yi, Abd Rahim Abu Bakar


In automotive engineering, the safety aspect has been considered as a number one priority in development of a new vehicle. Each single system has been studied and developed in order to meet safety requirements. Instead of having air bags, good suspension systems, good handling and safe cornering, one of the most critical systems in a vehicle is the brake system. The objective of this work is to investigate and analyze the temperature distribution of rotor disc during braking operation using ANSYS Multiphysics. The work uses the finite element analysis techniques to predict the temperature distribution on the full and ventilated brake discs and to identify the critical temperature of the rotor. The analysis also gives us the heat flux distribution for the two discs.


brake disc; convection; heat-transfer coefficient; thermal analysis; stress

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