Application of the Monte Carlo method for investigation of dynamical parameters of rotors supported by magnetorheological squeeze film damping devices

Jaroslav Zapoměl, Petr Ferfecki, Jan Kozánek


A flexible suspension with damping devices is an efficient technological tool for reducing forces transmitted between the rotor and its frame. To achieve optimum performance of the damping elements, their damping effect must be adaptable to the current operating conditions. In practical rotordynamic applications this is offered by magnetorheological squeeze film dampers. Some of parameters, which determine behaviour of rotors, may have uncertain character. Then a probabilistic approach is needed for analysis of such systems. In this paper there is investigated the vibration amplitude of a rigid rotor damped by two magnetorheological squeeze film dampers and magnitude of the force transmitted to the stationary part during the steady state operating regime. The uncertain parameters of the studied system are the rotor unbalance and speed of its rotation. The Monte Carlo method was employed for this analysis.


uncertain parameters of rigid rotors; magnetorheological dampers; force transmission; Monte Carlo method

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