Usage of the particle swarm optimization in problems of mechanics

Michal Hajžman, Radek Bulín, Petr Svatoš, Zbyněk Šika


This paper deals with the optimization method called particle swarm optimization and its usage in mechanics. Basic versions of the method is introduced and several improvements and modifications are applied for better convergence of the algorithms. The performance of the optimization algorithm implemented in an original in-house software is investigated by means of three basic and one complex problems of mechanics. The goal of the first problem is to find optimal parameters of a dynamic absorber of vibrations. The second problem is about the tunning of eigenfrequencies of beam bending vibrations. The third problem is to optimize parameters of a clamped beam with various segments. The last complex problem is the optimization of a tilting mechanism with multilevel control. The presented results show that the particle swarm optimization can be efficiently used in mechanical tasks.


particle swarm optimization; dynamic absorber; beam eigenfrequencies; clamped beam; multilevel mechanism

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