Enhancement of centrifugal compressor stable operation using an internal recirculation channel

Miroslav Růžička


Centrifugal compressors with a high pressure ratio are widely used in small aircraft turbine engines and turbocharges. At high rotational speeds they have a narrow stable operating region and the commonly used impellers with back swept blades are not able to ensure requested stability. In order to achieve a wider stable operating region, some other anti-surge measures can be used such as an Internal Recirculation Channel (IRC) located in the inlet area of the compressor impeller. This paper analyses the influence of various IRC inlet slot geometries on air flow parameters. The flow velocity profiles downstream of the IRC outlet slot are evaluated and the influence of various channel configurations on compressor performance map is shown. Results from experiments as well as CFD simulations enable us to analyse the airflow in IRC and find out its most suitable geometry.


centrifugal compressor; recirculation channel; experiment; velocity profiles; CFD simulations

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