Propagation of plane waves in a rotating magneto-thermoelastic fiber-reinforced medium under G-N theory

Narottam Maity, Sakti Pada Barik, Pranay Kumar Chaudhuri


The article is concernedwith the possibility of plane wave propagation in a rotating elastic medium under the action of magnetic and thermal fields. The material is assumed to be fibre-reinforced with increased stiffness, strength and load bearing capacity. Green and Nagdhi’s concepts of generalized thermoelastic models II and III have been followed in the governing equations expressed in tensor notation. The effects of various parameters of the applied fields on the plane wave velocity have been shown graphically.


fibre-reinforced media; plane wave; magnetic permeability and electric conductivity; Green-Nagdhi models II and III

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DOI: 10.24132/acm.2017.328