Determination of group velocity of propagation of Lamb waves in aluminium plate using piezoelectric transducers

Zuzana Lašová, Robert Zemčík


A prior knowledge of group velocities of Lamb wave modes is a key for analysis of time signals in guided-wave based structural health monitoring. The identification of multiple wave modes may be complicated due to dependency of group velocity on frequency (dispersion). These dependencies for infinite plate of constant thickness can be calculated by a numerical solution of analytic equation. Two alternative approaches to determine group velocities of zero-order Lamb wave modes in aluminum plate were used in this work: Two-dimensional Fast Fourier Transform (2D-FFT) and methods of time-frequency processing. 2D-FFT requires a high number of time signals in equidistant points, therefore it was applied on data from finite element analysis of wave propagation in the plate. Group velocities for chosen frequencies were also determined using wavelet transform (WT) of signals as differencies of times-of-arrival measured by a pair of piezoelectric transducers. The results from 2D-FFT and wavelet transform were compared to the analytic solution.


Lamb waves; piezoelectric transducers; 2D-FFT; wavelet transform

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DOI: 10.24132/acm.2017.346