Leather for motorcyclist garments: Multi-test based material model fitting in terms of Ogden parameters

Tomasz Bońkowski, Lukáš Šoltés, Luděk Hynčík, Radek Kottner, Petra Kochová


This paper is focused on experimental testing and modeling of genuine leather used for a motorcycle personal protective equipment. Simulations of powered two wheelers (PTW) accidents are usually performed using human body models (HBM) for the injury assessment equipped only with the helmet model. However, the kinematics of the PTW rider during a real accident is disturbed by the stiffness of his suit, which is normally not taken into account during the reconstruction or simulation of the accident scenario. The material model proposed in this paper can be used in numerical simulations of crash scenarios that include the effect of motorcyclist rider garment. The fitting procedure was conducted on 2 sets of samples: 5 uniaxial samples and 5 biaxial samples. The experimental characteristics were used to obtain the set of 25 constitutive material models in terms of Ogden parameters.


genuine leather; tensile test; Ogden model; hyperelastic materials

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DOI: 10.24132/acm.2017.390