Dynamic wheelset drive load of the railway vehicle caused by short-circuit motor moment

Vladimír Zeman, Zdeněk Hlaváč


The paper deals with mathematical modelling of dynamic response of the railway vehicle wheelset drives caused by short-circuit traction motor torque. The individual wheelset drive with hollow graduated shaft is one of subsystems of the two-axled vehicle bogie with two wheelset drives. The model respects the viscoelastic suspension of the both engine stators with gear housings mounted on the bogie frame and all the other couplings among bogie drive components. The dynamic response is investigated in dependence on longitudinal creepage and forward velocity of the vehicle at the moment of the sudden short-circuit in one asynchronous traction motor. The method is applied to bogie of the electric locomotive developed for speed about 200 km/h by the company SKODA TRANSPORTATION, s. r. o. The wheelset drive vibration is confronted with stability conditions of the whole bogie.


railway vehicle bogie; short-circuit moment; stability conditions; dynamic load

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