Strain-stress analysis of lower limb with applied fixator

Michal Mrázek, Zdeněk Florian, Radek Veselý, Libor Borák


This paper compares physiological state of tibia before and after application of an external fixator. The fixator systems’ models but also model of tibia are loaded in the direction of body axis. The paper is focused on the examination of differences in stiffness before and after the application of fixation. Two types of axial external fixators are compared. Both fixators differ in their construction. The first fixator is two-frame and fixation rods are used for fixing the bone tissue (variant I). The second one is fixed into tibia with screws (variant II). We have found out that the two-frame external fixator has much bigger stiffness during limb fixation than the fixator with one body. Much higher deformations compared to physiological state of tibia occur in the variant II.


strain-stress analysis; external fixation; tibia

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