Fundamental flow problems considering non-Newtonian hyperbolic tangent fluid with Navier slip: Homotopy analysis method

Lalrinpuia Tlau


The presented research article deals with the classical fundamental flows (Poiseuille and Couette) of an incompressible hyperbolic tangent fluid while considering the Navier slip at the walls. The governing equations are solved using the homotopy analysis method. The velocity expressions are obtained for each problem and the effect of the flow parameters are discussed while being supplemented by graphical displays. Increasing the slip parameter reduces the fluid velocity for both problems, respectively. An increase in the Weissenberg number shows that skin friction at the lower wall reduces. This shows that a dominant elastic force is crucial in reducing the skin friction.


hyperbolic tangent fluid; Couette flow; Poiseuille flow; Navier slip

Full Text:

DOI: 10.24132/acm.2020.628