The effects of the printing direction and UV artificial degradation on the mechanical properties using AM PolyJet technology

Martin Matušů, David Blaha, Petr David, Zdeněk Padovec, Pavel Růžička, Jan Řezníček, Milan Růžička


This study addresses differences in the material properties due to the influence of the printing direction, UV degradation and the use of differently coloured materials. The specimens were manufactured employing PolyJet technology from the Vero material (VeroBlue, VeroYellow, VeroMagenta). Subsequently, the specimens were subjected to tension and compression testing. Ageing is simulated via the exposure of the specimens to solar UVA and UVB for 15 and 30 days (the calculated daylight UV exposure for half a year and a whole year, respectively). The differences in the material properties were also determined according to the types of material. The results were then subjected to a statistical analysis.


additive manufacturing; PolyJet; stereolithography apparatus; UV degradation; statistical analysis

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DOI: 10.24132/acm.2021.649