Ultrasonic horn design for ultrasonic machining technologies

Milan Naď


Many of industrial applications and production technologies are based on the application of ultrasound. In many cases, the phenomenon of ultrasound is also applied in technological processes of the machining of materials. The main element of equipments that use the effects of ultrasound for machining technology is the ultrasonic horn – so called sonotrode. The performance of ultrasonic equipment, respectively ultrasonic machining technologies depends on properly designed of sonotrode shape. The dynamical properties of different geometrical shapes of ultrasonic horns are presented in this paper. Dependence of fundamental modal properties (natural frequencies, mode shapes) of various sonotrode shapes for various geometrical parameters is analyzed. Modal analyses of the models are determined by the numerical simulation using finite element method (FEM) design procedures. The mutual comparisons of the comparable parameters of the various sonotrode shapes are presented.


ultrasound; ultrasonic machining technologies; modal properties; ultrasonic horn; longitudinal vibration; finite element method

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