Mathematical modeling of a biogenous filter cake and identification of oilseed material parameters

Jan Očenášek, Josef Voldřich


Mathematical modeling of the filtration and extrusion process inside a linear compression chamber has gained a lot of attention during several past decades. This subject was originally related to mechanical and hydraulic properties of soils (in particular work of Terzaghi) and later was this approach adopted for the modeling of various technological processes in the chemical industry (work of Shirato). Developed mathematical models of continuum mechanics of porousmaterials with interstitial fluid were then applied also to the problem of an oilseed expression. In this case, various simplifications and partial linearizations are introduced in models for the reason of an analytical or numerical solubility; or it is not possible to generalize the model formulation into the fully 3D problem of an oil expression extrusion with a complex geometry such as it has a screw press extruder. We proposed a modified model for the oil seeds expression process in a linear compression chamber. The model accounts for the rheological properties of the deformable solid matrix of compressed seed, where the permeability of the porous solid is described by the Darcy’s law. A methodology of the experimental work necessary for a material parameters identification is presented together with numerical simulation examples.


filter cake; fractionation process; permeability; continuum mechanics

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