Calculation of the decomposition coefficients for plane contact problem kernel in the orthonormal basis

Kirill E. Kazakov


Analytical solutions of some contact problems are infinite functional series according to the system of basic functions. When constructing such solutions, it becomes necessary to represent the kernels of integral equations describing the process of interaction in the form of two-dimensional series on a given basis. Often the kernels have a rather complex appearance, therefore, the process of finding the decomposition coefficients is a rather complex and labor-intensive process, on which the accuracy and speed of obtaining final results depend. The paper proposes a calculation method that allows calculating the coefficients of decomposition of the kernels of plane contact problems according to a special orthonormal basis that takes into account the features of contacting bodies. Other approximate formulas are also derived for the special case when coating characteristics are constant. Based on the received presentation, conclusions and recommendations are formulated.


orthonormal basis; improper integrals; numerical-analytical methods; special functions; contact

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DOI: 10.24132/acm.2024.834