Validation of the adjusted strength criterion LaRC04 for uni-directional composite under combination of tension and pressure

Jan Krystek, Radek Kottner, Lukáš Bek, Vladislav Laš


Strength of unidirectional composite materials for some combinations of state of stress cannot be successsfully predicted even with modern failure criteria. In case of the combination of compression in the transverse direction and tension in the fiber direction, the criterion LaRC04 was adjusted in previous work. The predicted strengths in this case reach significantly larger values compared to the ultimate strengths of the material in the respective directions. The adjusted criterion is able to predict the failure of unidirectional composite in case of the mentioned combination of loading. The validation of the adjusted criterion is carried out by means of the comparison of experimental results and numerical analysis performed in finite element system MSC.Marc.


composite; criterion; LaRC04; combination of tension and compression

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