Stress analysis of finite length cylinders of layered media

Payal Desai, Tarun Kant


In this paper, we analyze an orthotropic, layered (0/90) and (0/core/0) sandwich cylinders under pressurized load with a diaphragm supported boundary conditions which is considered as a two dimensional (2D) plane strain boundary value problem of elasticity in (r, z) direction. A simplified numerical cum analytical approach is used for the analysis. Boundary conditions are satisfied exactly by using an analytical expression in longitudinal (z) direction in terms of Fourier series expansion. Resulting first order simultaneous ordinary differential equations (ODEs) with boundary conditions prescribed at r = ri, ro defines a two point boundary value problem (BVP), whose equations are integrated in radial direction through an effective numerical integration technique by first transforming the BVP into a set of initial value problems (IVPs). Numerical solutions are first validated for their accuracy with 1D solution of an infinitely long cylinder. Stresses and displacements in cylinders of finite lengths having various l/R and h/R ratios are presented for future reference.


elasticity theory; circular cylinder; numerical integration; boundary value problems; laminated composites

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