Influence of the mass of the weight on the dynamic response of the asymmetric laboratory fibre-driven mechanical system

Pavel Polach, Michal Hajžman, Zbyněk Šika, Olga Červená, Petr Svatoš


Experimental measurements focused on the investigation of a fibre behaviour are performed on an assembled weigh-fibre-pulley-drive mechanical system. The fibre is driven with one drive and it is led over a pulley. On its other end there is a prism-shaped steel weight, which moves in a prismatic linkage on an inclined plane. The position of the weight is asymmetric with respect to the vertical plane of drive-pulley symmetry. Drive exciting signals can be of a rectangular, a trapezoidal and a quasi-sinusoidal shape and there is a possibility of variation of a signal rate. Dynamic responses of the weight and the fibre are measured. The same system is numerically investigated by means of a multibody model. The influence of the mass of the weight and the influence of the weight asymmetry on the coincidence of results of experimental measurements and the simulations results are evaluated. The simulations aim is to create a phenomenological model of a fibre, which will be utilizable in fibre modelling in the case of more complicated mechanical or mechatronic systems.


fibre; mechanical system; dynamic response; phenomenological model; experiment; computer simulations

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