The multi-axial material fatigue under the combined loading with mean stress in three dimensions

Frantisek Fojtik, Jan Fuxa


This contribution describes the application of Fuxa’s conjugated strength criterion on the experimental results under combined loading of specimens made from common construction steel 11523.0, melt T31052. The specimens were stepwise loaded by the torque amplitude, combination of torque amplitude and tension pre-stress, further by the amplitude of the torque in combination with inner overpressure and axial tension force. The last set of specimens was loaded by the torque amplitude in combination with inner and external overpressure and with axial tension force. To obtain the data required as the input values for the conjugated criterion the stress/strain analysis of the specimens by the finite element method in software ANSYS was performed. The experiments were performed on modified testing machine equipped by overpressure chamber.


high-cycle fatigue; experiment in multi-axial fatigue; mean stress effect; combined loading

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