Single variable refined beam theories for the bending, buckling and free vibration of homogenous beams

Atteshamuddin Shamshuddin Sayyad, Yuwaraj M. Ghugal


In this paper, single variable beam theories taking into account effect of transverse shear deformation are developed and applied for the bending, buckling and free vibration analysis of thick isotropic beams. The most important feature of the present beam theories is that unlike any other higher order theory, the proposed class of theories contains only one unknown variable and does not require shear correction factor. The displacement field of the present theories is built upon the classical beam theory. The theories account for parabolic distribution of transverse shear stress using constitutive relations, satisfying the traction free conditions at top and bottom surfaces of the beam. Governing differential equation and boundary conditions of these theories are obtained using the principle of virtual work. Results obtained for the displacements, stresses, fundamental frequencies and critical buckling loads of simply supported isotropic solid beams are compared with those obtained by other theories to validate the accuracy of the present theories.


thick beam; shear deformation; single variable beam theory; bending; buckling; vibration

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