Identification of several non-stationary loads applied to an elastically deformed structure

Roland Lachmayer, Igor V. Yanchevskyi, Iryna Mozgova, Philipp Gottwald


The technique has been presented for time-dependence identification of several independent beetwen each other loads distributed over a given area of a structure with arbitrary topology by using quantity values more convenient for measurements. In the assumption that the structure’s response linearly depends on the loads, the considered problem, which belongs to the class of boundary inverse problems in the mechanics of solids, is reduced to a system of linear algebraic equations for coefficients that approximate the sought-for influences. The system is solved using a regularizing algorithm providing stability of results to random errors in initial data and calculation errors. Concrete calculations, substantiating the efficiency of the presented technique, have been performed as with theoretical data to identify two non-stationary loads applied to a wheel carrier of a race car as with experimental data to restore an impact force applied to a round plate with fixed boundary. To calculate values of a system’s elements corresponding to values of measured quantities under unit loads, the finite element method was used. The suggested technique can be used for designing structures with complex geometry based on criterias of their dynamic (fatigue) strength, etc.


structure with arbitrary topology; identification of several loads; dependence on time; influence function; FEM; regularization

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DOI: 10.24132/acm.2018.365