Numerical instability in the element-free Galerkin method for bi-material modeling

Tanyada Pannachet, Surachai Triyotee, Maetee Boonpichetvong


This paper presents numerical results from modeling of bi-material problems using the element-free Galerkin method. The conventional EFG shape functions do not pass through the nodal data, imposition of nodal constraints brings difficulties, thus some special techniques must be employed. In bi-material problems, connecting the two subdomains of different properties may still be possible via Lagrange multipliers, penalty function, Nitsche’s formulation, or direct imposition when using a regularized weighting function to transform the EFG shape functions. All these mentioned techniques are explored and compared in this paper. Some remarks about numerical instabilities are reported.


element free Galerkin method; constraint; interpolating weight function; instability

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DOI: 10.24132/acm.2018.446