Local adaptive refinement method applied to solid mechanics

Loic Daridon, Eric Delaume, Yann Monerie, Frédéric Perales


A good spatial discretization is of prime interest in the accuracy of the finite element method. This paper presents a new refinement criterion dedicated to an h-type refinement method called Conforming Hierarchical Adaptive Refinement MethodS (CHARMS) and applied to solid mechanics. This method produces conformally refined meshes and deals with refinement from a basis function point of view. The proposed refinement criterion allow adaptive refinement where the mesh is still too coarse and where a strain or a stress field has a large value or a large gradient. The sensitivity of the criterion to the value or to the gradient can be adjusted. The method and the criteria are validated through 2-D test cases. One limitation of the h-adaptive refinement method is highlighted: the discretization of boundary curves.


conformity; hierarchy; adaptivity; refinement method

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DOI: 10.24132/acm.2020.570