Boundary effects of a nonconcentric semipermeable sphere using Happel and Kuwabara cell models

Krishna Prasad Madasu


The effect of a closed boundary on the hydrodynamic drag of a nonconcentric semipermeable sphere in an incompressible viscous fluid is investigated. Darcy’s law holds in the permeable region and Stokes flow used inside the spherical cavity. Suitable boundary conditions are used on the surface of a semipermeable sphere and spherical cavity. Two spherical coordinate systems are used to solve the problem. By superposition principle, a general solution is constructed from the solutions based on the semipermeable sphere and spherical cavity. Numerical results for the hydrodynamic drag force exerted on the particle is obtained with good convergence for various values of the relative distance between the centers of the inner sphere and spherical cavity, permeability parameter and the separation parameter. The numerical values of the hydrodynamic drag force generalize the results obtained for an eccentric solid sphere.


semipermeable sphere; Stokes flow; Darcy’s law; nonconcentric; drag

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DOI: 10.24132/acm.2021.620