Higher order computational model considering the effects of transverse normal strain and 2-parameter elastic foundation for the bending of laminated panels

Atteshamuddin Shamshuddin Sayyad, Shailesh P. Palekar, Bharti M. Shinde


In this study, the authors analyze laminated composite panels supported on an elastic foundation considering the effects of transverse normal strain. A 2-parameter, i.e., Winkler and Pasternak foundation model is assumed to represent the interaction between the panels and the foundation. The theory presented here takes into account the effects of transverse shear and normal strains. The theory plots realistic distributions of the transverse shear stress through the plate thickness and satisfies the shear-free conditions at the extreme surfaces of the panel. The differential equations of the present model are obtained from the principle of virtual work. The laminated composite panel resting on the elastic foundation is analyzed for simply supported boundary conditions. For the verification purpose, the presented problems are also solved using the Reddy's model, Mindlin's model, and the classical model. Good agreement is observed between the numerical results obtained using the present model and the other models.


laminated panels; 2-parameter foundation; bending analysis; shear deformation; transverse normal strain; transverse shear stresses

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DOI: 10.24132/acm.2023.808